Workpackage 6

Communication and Outreach

Coordinator prof. Zdenek Dolezal (UKP)

Outreach and communication is an essential part of the research work. Besides regular communication of research activities, performed by experimental collaborations, JENNIFER2 will provide few larger scope initiatives, aimed at different targets: high school students, physics students and general public. Moreover PhD students involved in JENNIFER2 activities will benefit from common supervision by a European and a Japanese scientist.

Task 6.1: Masterclasses on flavour and neutrino physics

Organization of Masterclasses focused on Belle II physics. Development of Masterclasses exercises on neutrino physics and first test with T2K data

Task 6.2: Summer School for physics students at KEK

Organization of 2 summer schools at KEK aimed to physics master students. Each school lasting 2 weeks, for 15 European students and a possibly similar number of Japanese ones (the last ones paid by Japan), with lectures given both by European and Japanese physicists and practical labs.

Task 6.3: General public science communication

Coordination and monitoring on a dedicated website of all outreach events involving JENNIFER2 physics organized (or participated) by local JENNIFER2 groups.

Task 6.4: PhD thesis co-supervision

Training activity for PhD students involved in the project. A number of 3 or more months secondments are reserved for European PhD students working in one of the beneficiary institutions. They will allowed to develop their research program through a medium duration stay in the partner organizations, where a co-tutorship will be provided. The hosting lab will provide also assistance for accommodation and for cultural integration in Japan.