Workpackage 4

New Photodetectors Development

Coordinator Dr. Rok Pestotnik (IJS)

Task 4.1: R&D of Silicon-PMs as single photon counters in neutron irradiated areas

Study of silicon PM samples before and after irradiation with neutrons: time and pulse height distribution, waveform analysis, background noise counts, effect of annealing . Design requirements, selection of SiPM, design and fabrication of readout electronics. Development of light concentrator to increase signal to noise. Integration of the module and study of the module in the relevant environment.

Task 4.2: Development of long-lived MCP photomultipliers

The main objective is reduction of residual gas components, responsible for lifetime reduction in the MPC production procedure. Study of MCP-PMT samples: time and pulse height, photocathode lifetime analysis. Identification of ions responsible for lifetime reduction.

Task 4.4: Study of innovative organic photosensors

Study of Organic FET ( IV and in CV characteristic, response to light). Study of photo-absorption and luminescence of organic semiconductors. Characterization of charge transport, signal formation and timing response.

Task 4.3: Development of multi PMTs for a large water Cherenkov detector

Study of optical module components (time and pulse height distribution, waveform analysis, background rates). Design, fabrication end test of multi-PMT optical module.