NumberTitleLead BeneficiaryNatureEst. Del. Date (annex I)
D1.1Publication on detector PerformanceINFNReport31 Mar 2023
D1.2Publication on CPVOEAWReport31 Mar 2023
D1.3Publication on LFV and LFUVDESYReport31 Mar 2023
D1.4Publication on dark sectorOEAWReport31 Mar 2023
D1.5Publication on SpectroscopyJSIReport31 Mar 2023
D2.1Paper on the upgraded ND280INFNReport31 Mar 2023
D2.2Report on neutrino cross section on Carbon and OxygenIFAEReport31 Mar 2023
D2.3Report on electron neutrino cross sectionINFNReport31 Mar 2023
D2.4Report on CP violation phase sensitivityCNRSReport31 Mar 2023
D3.1Decision on UV system to measure Gd concentrationUKRIReport30 Sep 2021
D3.2Technical note on Outer DetectorKCLReport31 Mar 2022
D3.3Final report on low noise front end electronicsUNIGEReport31 Mar 2023
D3.4Full simulation and analysis with final photosensorsKCLReport31 Mar 2023
D4.1Training pn photodetectors at NDIPJSIOther30 Sep 2020
D4.2Report on MCP-PMT lifetime optimizationINFNReport31 Mar 2021
D4.3Realization of a mPMT prototype moduleINFNDemonstrator31 Mar 2021
D4.4Report on SIPM prototype tests as single photon countersJSIReport28 Feb 2022
D4.5Resport on organic photodetectorsINFNReport31 Mar 2023
D5.1Common Cloud Computing demonstratorDESYDemonstrator31 Mar 2022
D5.2Joint workshop on real time techniquesKCLOther31 Mar 2022
D5.3Reference Statistical ReportCEAReport31 Mar 2022
D5.4Common Physics WorkshopCNRSOther31 Mar 2023
D6.1T2K MasterclassesINFNOther31 Mar 2023
D6.2Summer SchoolTAUOther31 Mar 2021
D6.3Outreach PortalINFNWebsites, patents filling, etc.31 Mar 2021
D6.4PhD students co-supervisionCNRSOther31 Mar 2023
D7.1Progress Report month 12INFNReport30 Apr 2020
D7.2Progress report at month 36INFNReport30 Apr 2022
D7.3Mid-term meeting (MTM)INFNOther31 May 2020