PhD Co-Supervision

PhD StudentInstituteTeam LeaderPhD SupervisorThesis TitlePhD PeriodSecondment TopicSupervisor in JapanSecondment PeriodSecondment LocationSecondment ReportPaper and/or talk
Luigi CORONAPisaStefano BETTARINIFrancesco FORTISearches for dark sector particles with Belle II dataNov. 2018 – Oct. 2021Belle II SVD operation coordinator and reconstruction software. Dark sector searches.Katsuro NAKAMURA15/1 – 15/4/2020KEK
Michel BERTEMESViennaChristoph SCHWANDAGianluca INGUGLIANew physics in the dark sector with Belle IISept. 2018 – Aug. 2021Data taking and work on tools to monitor specific dark sector triggers. Liaison between physics analysis and trigger group.Yoshihito IWASAKI1/9 – 30/11/2020KEK
Rajesh KUMAR MAITIViennaChristoph SCHWANDAGianluca INGUGLIADark sector search in the context of a muonic dark forceSept. 2019 – Aug. 2022Data taking and work on tools to monitor specific dark sector triggers to become a trigger expert.Yoshihito IWASAKI5/1 – 30/4/2021KEK
Riccardo MANFREDITriesteLorenzo VITALEDiego TONELLIAnalysis of charmless B-> rho rho decays in Belle II dataNov. 2019 – Oct. 2022Develop angular fit for B -> rho rho decayAlessandro GAZ1/6 – 31/8/2021KEK / visits in Nagoya