Event generators and phenomenology

The SuperKEKB will start the operation in early March 2018 and a large amount of new data will be available.
In 2018, also Belle II is expected to start operating. The B2TiP report, produced during the JENNIFER project, has proposed various new measurements in order to deepen our understanding of the SM and the beyond. To further clarify their theoretical meaning and their proper implementation, a new series of B2TiP workshops will start in 2019, providing lectures by theorists and open discussions with experimentalists. Moreover, the first workshop is going to be integrated in the Belle II Physics Week where tutorials of statistical tools and data-challenges (to search for hidden “odd” event in the Monte Carlo data) will happen. In this context, JENNIFER2 secondments will allow close collaborations between the different Belle II physics analysis groups and theorists, allowing to improve the tools and the Monte Carlo generators for specific channels.
In parallel, the same theoretical physicists will collaborate with T2K experiment to extend its physics case, to clarify the complete reach of the upgraded experiment and to define in details the experimental program of the HyperK project. The KEK theory group will actively participate to this process and will host lectures, discussions, Q&A, tutorials. Specific care will be dedicated to identify and discuss the various physics issues and analysis problems, which are common to Belle II and T2K.
In the second half of the JENNIFER2 project a large workshop will be organized, involving Belle II, T2K and HyperK physicists together with theoretical physicists to address and clarify all such common issues and problems. Proceeding of the workshop will be a reference document for future data analysis. Moreover, the same subjects will be an essential part of the training program of the Summer School that JENNIFER2 will organize at KEK for European master students in physics (see section 3.4). Communication of such physics via JENNIFER2 outreach activities will be also implemented.